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Bharosa Novel

Bharosa Novel is written by Zaisha Khan. In this novel, Zaisha Khan talks about a strict husband. Her husband, whose name is Waleed, abuses her a lot. In Bharosa Novel there is a girl named Shiza who is very afraid of her husband. One day she goes to her friend’s house and sleeps there when her eyes open, she gets scared and says to her friend why didn’t you wake me up? She rushes back to her house and gets upset when she sees her husband’s car.

Novel NameBharosa
Writer NameZaisha Khan
File size6.85 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

When Shiza saw the car, tears came out of Shiza’s eyes. Servant Ghulam asked him, “Are you alright?” She went inside scared. Sheza’s husband asked her where were you? She got scared after hearing this but after a while, Waleed said to his wife your friend told me everything, don’t worry. Waleed said forgive me I disturbed you Shiza was shocked to hear this she was thinking how is he calling so lovingly today? Here you can read Choti Dunya Novel

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