Bheegi Palkon Par Naam Tumhara Hai Novel By Areej Shah

Bheegi Palkon Par Naam Tumhara Hai

Bheegi Palkon Par Naam Tumhara Hai is written by Areej Shah. This novel is about romance. In this story, you will read about the love of Ahmad Shah and Malaika. As the name of this story suggests, it tells about the feelings and emotions of a person in love. This novel shows the difficulties faced by a person in love.

Novel NameBheegi Palkon Par Naam Tumhara Hai
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size11.2 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

There are many characters in the novel, some good and some bad, who cannot see the lovers happy. Jealousy and hatred are so filled in them that they create difficulties for lovers. When you read the story, you will know that love can bring good changes in a person and you can also face loss. While reading the story you will feel the emotions and feelings of the characters. In this novel, you will know how powerful love is. Here you can read Rooh E Yaram

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