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Mere Harjai Novel

Mere Harjai Novel is written by Hamna Tanveer. One day in Mere Harjai Novel he said that is your room in front he pointed with his hand. She said does this mean my room will be separate? She was very surprised. He said I can’t let you stay in my room. She said I am your wife. Why should I live in a separate room? She said in surprise. He said, “You have been forced upon me.” She said that you would have refused if I looked so bad to you.

Novel NameMere Harjai
Writer NameHamna Tanveer
File size9.42 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

He felt angry now. I was forced, you would have refused. He said angrily. The girl asked if Aunty found out. He said aunty would not come up. There is no one here but us. And if you don’t tell aunty how will she know? In Mere Harjai Novel he said don’t bother me anymore and go from here. She said that it is strange that if you don’t want a wife, you don’t get married. Here you can read Meri Zindagi Novel

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