Pagal Ankhon Wali Lrki Novel By Eshnal Syed Free Download PDF

Pagal Ankhon Wali Lrki Novel

Pagal Ankhon Wali Lrki Novel is written by Eshnal Syed. In Pagal Ankhon Wali Lrki Novel the writer writes that not everyone gets a lover like Shah. Eshnal Syed says I wrote this novel for those girls who fall in love with someone and love them blindly and then when the heart breaks, the whole life cries. You know, love is not created, it happens by itself. Love is only that which is pure.

Novel NamePagal Ankhon Wali Lrki
Writer NameEshnal Syed
File size6.69 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

It is not love to follow every bad word of a lover. This is madness. We cry when we break up. We hurt ourselves. In this novel, the author has given a very good lesson for lovers. You will benefit a lot from this story. Here you can read Power Of Love Novel 

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