Satrangi Ishq Mera Novel By Sanaya Khan Free Download PDF

Satrangi Ishq Mera Novel

Satrangi Ishq Mera Novel is written by Sanaya Khan. In Satrangi Ishq Mera Novel there is a girl named Ruhi who is very bored with her life. Her father’s name is Aziz Rajput, who is a minister. Ruhi was preparing to travel one day when her father asked where are you going. She replied that she is going on tour with friends. He said that it is not right for you to go out. Ruhi says I am the minister’s daughter that’s why. I dropped out of college because of you. She said I am fed up with my life. How long will I be held in prison?

Novel NameSatrangi Ishq Mera
Writer NameSanaya Khan
File size9.32 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

Father said this is being done for your safety. Rohi says I don’t need it. Father gave permission and said but security will go with you. She said that I am fed up with this security. Father said you are becoming rude and he went out. Rohi goes out without permission. There she meets a boy named Zaar. Here you can read Satrangi Kanch Ki Guriya Novel

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