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Teri Chah Mein Novel

Teri Chah Mein Novel is written by Aimen. There are 2 main characters in Teri Chah Mein Novel, the girl’s name is Wafa and the boy’s name is Musa. She was going through the launch in her thoughts She bumped into Musa. Nothing happened to Musa, but Wafa’s head was dizzy. Moses said angrily, you are blind, you cannot see. Moses, forgive me, I did not see.

Novel NameTeri Chah Mein
Writer NameAimen
File size5.33 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

 Musa replied, “If you don’t want to use your eyes, then take your eyes out Musa said this and went out. Muaz said to Wafa, “No problem, Musa Bhai is always angry.” But Wafa was very happy inside, she had seen Musa. Wafa loves Musa. Here you can read The Moon of Lunar Night Novel

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