Ek Lafz Ishq Novel By Areej Shah Free Download PDF

Ek Lafz Ishq Novel

Ek lafz ishq novel is written by Areej Shah who is very popular in Urdu literature. It was born in the city of Dodial in Azad Kashmir. She is the youngest in her house. Areej Shah gained popularity on Facebook. You can easily understand the writing written in Ek lafz ishq novel. Most of his novels are romantic and historical which you will get a lesson after reading. Areej Shah herself is fond of reading novels. Her favorite writer is Zeenia Sharjeel. This novel is written on romance in which Areej Shah talks about the social issues of our society. This is a very popular novel. In this, the writer has emphasized the importance of love.

Novel NameEk Lafz Ishq
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size11.7 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

In the novel, you will read about the intricacies of love and the difficulties and obstacles that come with it. In the beginning, everything will be going well, but a life full of happiness will face difficulties. This novel will keep you in curiosity as to what the writer has written next. Here you can read Tum ko Mana Manzil Aur Dil Musafir Ho Gaya and Tum Zeest Ka Hasil Ho 

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