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Tum Zeest Ka Hasil Ho

Tum Zeest ka Hasil Ho Novel is written by famous writer Areej Shah. This novel is written on romance and the problems of our society. In this novel, you will see a boy who has loved a girl since childhood . The boy loves this girl extremely and waits for her for 15 years. Finally, after waiting for so long, they get married. The girl is adorable but the boy is also very handsome. Both couples are extremely beautiful and their beauty is highly appreciated.

Novel NameTum Zeest Ka Hasil Ho
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size2.9 MB
File TypePDF Format
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And everyone knows that a boy loves a girl extremely. But the twist in the story comes when after marriage their love does not have the same feelings as before marriage. After marriage, there is no love between them. After waiting for marriage for so many years, they are no longer in love. It is like when a person does not have something, he desires it, but when he has it, he does not care about it. When the boy feels that the girl also loves him, the boy loses interest in her. Here you can read Ek Lafz Ishq Novel

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