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Lucifer Novel

Lucifer Novel is written by Ibn E Adam. The story of Lucifer consists of 2 main characters, a boy named Fasir and a girl named Zamal. In the Lucifer novel, the girl said, “Mr. Jin, your secret visitation habit still hasn’t gone away.” She was showing fake anger. No, my soul, is suddenly wrapping you around, and every time you feel me despite this sudden movement, it gives me satisfaction.

Novel NameLucifer
Writer NameIbn E Adam
File size7.87 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

He said my love for my wife is pure. She replied, “There is no pure love. You are just crazy about beauty. Zamal angrily told him. Fasir said yes, I am a beauty lover. Here you can read Lust To Love Novel

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