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Ye Muhabbatain Novel

Ye Muhabbatain Novel is written by Pari Khan. In this story, there are two main characters named Rehaan and Shanze. The story revolves around Rehan and Shanze. In Ye Muhabbatain Novel, the father wants to marry his son Rehan to Shanze, but Rehan does not want to marry her. Rehan says to his father, I don’t want to marry him. Father asks why you don’t want to marry him. He replies that there is no single reason, there are many reasons the biggest one is that I don’t like that girl. Father says if you don’t like that girl then what kind of girls do you like. Rehan tells his father that whoever you want to marry me, I will but I don’t want to marry this girl. Father says you will marry this girl, this is my last decision and I will not change my decision.

Novel NameYe Muhabbatain
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On the other hand, Shanze also doesn’t want to marry Rehan but she can’t reject Rehaan’s father’s decision because he loves this girl like his own children. Rehan’s mother told Irshad that children should not be forcefully married, as the result would not be good. Irshad said that everything would be fine after the marriage. Their wedding day came, and all the guests came, and Rehan looked very beautiful. Maulvi Sahib asked Rehan 2 times do you accept marriage? Rehan was silent, everyone was worried. But last time Rehan answered yes. In Ye Muhabbatain Novel Pari Khan wrote about forced marriage. You will know after reading this story whether Rehaan’s father’s decision to forcefully marry her will be right or wrong. Here you can read Yeh Dil Awara Novel

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