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Yeh Dil Awara Novel

Yeh Dil Awara Novel is written by Momina Shah. Momina Shah has written this story on love. In this novel, the mother tells her daughter to wake up early. You are not up yet, your in-laws get up early. “She said let me sleep for now. I am at my mother’s house now.”. The mother replied that if you did not learn the manners from here, then you will go there and listen to them. The girl said if I can listen to your words, then I will bear the words of my beloved Phupo Jan.

Novel NameYeh Dil Awara
Writer NameMomina Shah
File size10.9 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

Mother said when you came back from there crying, I will never tolerate you in this house. The daughter said that once I leave this house, I will not come back to this house again. This heart-wrenching novel is very well written by Momina Shah. Momina Shah has written a very beautiful text in Yeh Dil Awara Novel. Here you can read Ziddi Ishq Novel

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